November Neighborhood Focus

Starting this month, I will be focusing on 10 neighborhoods each month. The goal is to identify and photograph someone from each of those neighborhoods by the end of the month. For November, I am focusing on the following neighborhoods:

Elmhurst Park
Laney College
Meadow Brook
North Stonehurst
Panoramic Hill
Ralph Bunche

I'm looking for people who 1) Have something to say about Oakland and/or their neighborhood, 2) Are willing to share that message with the rest of the world, and 3) Are willing to allow me to photograph them. If you think you know somebody(s) in one (or more) of these neighborhoods who would like to participate, please send them my way. Below is a map that shows where these 10 neighborhoods are located.

The Oakland Neighborhood Project is up at 19th & Broadway in Uptown Oakland

Thanks to the generous support of 75 friends, family, supporters, participants and even a few total strangers, there are currently 12 large posters in the ground floor windows of the building on the northeast corner of 19th Street and Broadway in Oakland's Uptown neighborhood. If you are local and you haven't checked it out yet, get out there now! I'll be replacing three or four images each month, so go before the new ones are put up.

Oakland Magazine Features Neighborhood Project

I am so thrilled by the feature article in the May 2015 issue of Oakland Magazine. Written by the extraordinary Carolyn Jones, the article goes into great detail about the project, the motivation behind it and some of the people that are part of it. Specifically, she talks about Stan Dodson, who represents the Dimond neighborhood, and his documentary film project about Oakland's hiking trails. Take some time now to read the article and then come back here and tell me what you thought of it. And if you really love it, definitely comment on the Oakland Magazine site as well.