About Oakland Neighborhood Project

For more than 20 years now, Oakland has been my home. Oakland is a rich city. We are rich in people, art, culture, food, politics, commitment, and passion. And yet, despite its vital and welcoming communities, Oakland faces more than its fair share of urban problems. While some of that is beginning to change for some of Oakland’s residents, not enough and not for everybody. It was with this in mind that I began a photo project that is my contribution to changing Oakland’s image both internally and externally.

The Oakland Neighborhood Project is designed to let the people in Oakland's neighborhoods tell their stories in their own words. Over a period of 12-18 months, I will identify and photograph one person, family, or group in each of Oakland’s neighborhoods. Each photo session will take place in that person’s neighborhood and will feature that person or persons holding a sign with their message to the rest of the world written on it.

I am actively recruiting participants for this project.

If you are interested, If you want to represent your neighborhood, if you feel you have something to say that might improve people's understanding of what and who Oakland truly is, let me know. But don't wait, there are only so many neighborhoods to go around.


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PARTNERS & Friends

A project of this scope is not something I could ever hope to accomplish alone. I've only been able to get as far as I have because of the amazing, generous, and talented people who have helped and shared their stories and ideas along the way (and continue to do so). Below is a list of some of those people (in no particular order). There are more, many more, and I will add them as I am able. Please take a moment to visit the people and organizations below to see what awesome things they are doing.

Stan Dodson — Trailhead: A Documentary in Oakland

Ozan Berke — DesignerDad

Jan Watten — Gray Loft Gallery

Youth Employment Partnership

Rob Selna

Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association

The Lake Merritt

Downtown Oakland Association

Jennifer Diiullo — Big Wave Media

Jaime Jenett